IM2018   Conference Programme (Draft)

This is a preliminary schedule, as we do not yet have all the contributions. We will have regular updates with the list of speakers and their contributions until we have them all and the full schedule.

  We will probably improvise some early registration in the hotel lobby,
so that we can have a smooth start of the conference.

The Stratford Hotel

14:00   registration and display setup
15:00   welcome opening of IM2018
15:30   sales and swap session
16:30   display of "old" English rules and Long Scale Rules
18:00   dinner (at delegates' expense)
19:30   evening programme with interest for partners

  The Stratford Hotel

09:00 welcome and housekeeping Chairman
  Presentations - From Sonnets to Sums  
09:15 English Patents for scientific instruments in the Georgian Era  Dr. David Bryden
10:15 Weapons of Mass Destruction John Hunt Snr.
10:45 Long-Scale Slide Rules From Words to Scales Jose Fernandez
11:15 Coffee break  
  Presentations - Sonnets  
11:45 Fastest slide rule in the West David Rance
12:15 A different way of looking at collections Wolfgang Irler
13:00 Lunch  
  Presentations - Sums  
14:30 Lafay and Kaufmann: Two Home-based Inventors Nathan Zeldes
15:00 Michael Stifel Menso Folkerts & Klaus Kuehn
15:30 A rebuild of Marian Rejewski's Cyclometer Jerry McCarthy
16:00 Coffee Break  
  Presentations - The Rest  
16:30 The I-J Flying Fish Rule and its cubic equation solving scales Jerry McCarthy
17:00 Kring / RST reports Representative
17:20 Oughtred Society Report Representative
17:40 IM2019 Announcement/plans Representative
17:50 Thanks / close UKSRC
19:30 Gala Dinner for delegates and partners