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Name and Model Number Aristo 10065 System Gruter
Country of Origin Germany
Date of Manufacture ~1951
Front Scales T, ST, DF [5 scale multi-precision, C] D, ST, S
Back Scales K, A [B, 5 scale multi-precision] D, L
Scale Length 25 cm
Type of Rule Slide Rule
Construction Plastic
Area of Use Topography
Comment The main slide contains precision scales.
The "Log log" slide has the following scales:
front [CF, LL3, Ll2, Ll1, C] back [B, LL01, LL02, LL03, C]
The "Topographical" slide has the following scales:
front [B, sin * cos, cos^2, E-R, C] back [CF, T, 2 special, C]
The "Circular" slide has the following scales:
front [ tan a/2 in 3 scales, (p * a/180) in 3 scales] back [ tan a/2 * tan a/4 in 4 scales]
Rarity RR
Donor Collection of Rod Lovett
Match Number 6

RR = Rare -- 1 of 25 collectors has one; it may take a year to find an example in the marketplace.   
RRR = Very rare -- only very few known to collectors; may take several years before one comes up for sale.   
RRRR = Extremely rare -- a museum piece; unlikely that an example will ever come up for sale.